Workplace Wellness: Quick And Easy Tips To Try 


Having a great workplace wellness program is the key to employee engagement. A healthy individual is an engaged employee.  Did you know that a highly engaged team shows 21% greater profits for your business?

Keep them happy and profitable with these 4 quick tips:

1. Schedule Time for Wellness 

Schedule time for health, just like you schedule time for an important meeting. If it’s on your calendar, then you’ll get it done.  As a result, your staff will have greater energy levels and a greater respect that you, their employer, care about them. Remind them that self-care is not selfish, and being a healthy human being first means they’ll be a productive employee for your business. 

2. Promote Active Travel.

Get them to ride or walk to work, or to use the gym at lunch. A great way to inspire your team is by creating your own team leagues and rewards. You’ve got try to get them moving. A simple step is to change up the work environment a little. Introduce a space in the office just for movement. Active minutes really count in a workplace wellness program,  but if you can just get them moving more it can break up any long and unhealthy periods of sitting.

 3. Encourage Mindfulness.

Wearable devices are helpful. Meditation apps like Calm and Headspace connect to the Fitlink app, and can help staff with a high workload take a short break. Set aside a space in the office for meditation (just like the movement space).  A quiet space to relax could go a long way in improving overall mental health and boost engagement levels.

4. Build a Tribe.

Set up your very own leagues in the Fitlink dashboard and get employees bonding through a common goal. Perhaps you could start with a simple lunch break walking challenge or a short 10-minute yoga break. The ideas are endless but you’ve got to act on the idea to make a real change. Then using Fitilnk, you can use your very own personalised rewards. This will continue to inspire your team to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

All of these come with the mindset that self-care and health are just as important as profit and productivity. Workplace wellbeing and employee engagement go hand-in-hand. A workplace wellness program, that you can incorporate into your employees lifestyles already, is a proven method to make your business more profit. 

The Fitlink Team