Workplace Wellness Tip: Try Active Travel

Promoting active travel in your workplace is a fun and exciting way to engage employees in being more physically active. It can also be a foundation for creating long term behaviour change.

  1. Improve Productivity

Exercise is a proven way to increase both the mental and physical health of your people. Watch your employees become more focused,  more energised and overall a lot more productive!

2. More Physical Activity

Physical inactivity is a huge issue, especially for those who work in sedentary roles. More physical activity will lower the risk of preventable disease, especially obesity-related disease.

3. Improve Mental Health

One in six workers experience mental health issues. Active travel and improving the commute can help improve this. Evidence suggests that walking and cycling can help improve the mental health of employees who take up active travel.

4. Save the Planet

Introduce active travel to your employees and you’ll make your business one that cares about the planet. Car use causes higher levels of air pollution. If more people used their bike or walked to work, air pollution would be reduced.

5. Get Fitter

Those who cycle or walk to work are far more likely to be healthier and fitter. Active travel is a great way to be physically active during the daily routine. Promote it in your workplace today!


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