The Fitlink App – Connects Them All

One App To Connect Them All- One Single Feed

If you didn’t share your workout, did it even happen? Well of course it did, but when you do an amazing run PB, or an epic bike ride, or a mindful yoga session you want everyone to know about it. One huge obstacle however is having different friends on different platforms. That’s why Fitlink’s app is a brilliant piece of tech that you need to start using. Here’s why:

Connect Your Running Trackers to Fitlink.

One of your friends is on Strava, but another’s on Runkeeper, and another’s on Fitbit. It’s a huge frustration because you can’t share with eachother.  No problem. Fitlink supports all leading activity trackers and wearable devices. You simply connect your tracker to Fitlink. That’s it. No setup needed. You’ll see all your friends activities in one single feed.

Connect Multiple Trackers and Wearables

One incredible feature of the Fitlink App is that you can connect all of your trackers together. So if you’re a yogi, zen master, or just someone who wants to track their daily food intake, we support all leading trackers like Fitbit, Apple Health, My Fitness Pal and Headspace.

Connect multiple activity trackers and wearables and see all of your activities in one single feed. Your water intake, sleep and mindfulness sessions will also be displayed in this feed.

It’s FREE.

It’s a great piece of tech and it’s on iOS now, and will be on Android very soon.

See everything you want to see in one place. One Single Feed. No more skipping through different apps. You’ll now be able to see all your multiple activities in one place, with everyone on any popular app able to see them too!

This is why it’s a handy peace of tech for our Fitlink for Business Customers. We combine wearables with workplace wellness. A solution that works!

For more detail about the features of the app see the Mobile App Page.