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Healthy, balanced people bring energy and focus to what they do. And connected people feel a sense of purpose. We believe in creating a fit and healthy workplace wellness culture where happy staff thrive.

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Wellness Works. For People. For Business.

A solution to one of the biggest problems affecting modern corporate business today.

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5 Workplace Wellness Challenges that Prevent Burn-out

This year the World Health Organisation defined burn-out as a syndrome caused by workplace stress; it’s more vital than ever to make sure that you and your employees are well.

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How To Create Engaging Workplace Culture, Beyond The Perks

Quick fix perks don’t address the more significant issue. A long term strategy to create a healthy workplace culture is key.

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Effective Ways To Build Your Workplace Wellness Strategy

Empowering employees with the tools and motivation to change habits is an investment they won’t forget.

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Staying Healthy Has Its Rewards

Fitlink partners with top health and fitness brands to make feeling good even more rewarding.

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Supported Trackers

We support all leading activity trackers, wearables and devices.
Simply connect your tracker to Fitlink. That’s it. No setup needed.

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