What Does Employee Wellbeing Mean?

“People are everything. And the right ones are worth keeping.”

Employee wellbeing is an important topic. We hear the phrase “wellbeing” a lot but what does it mean in the workplace?

Employee wellbeing is all about optimising the health of your employees, so they can be happy and motivated.

It’s an important topic and taking the wellbeing of your employees seriously can be the difference between your business and employees thriving and failing.

Employee wellbeing in terms of health is about improving both the mental and physical health of your employees. It’s about prevention before cure- it’s about optimising the health of your employees and not just reducing sick days. It goes beyond health- matters of happiness and job satisfaction are at the forefront too!

What aspects affect it?

Workplace wellbeing covers both mental and physical factors and it’s made of numerous aspects. A big part of wellbeing is fitness and improving this can have a huge impact on overall workplace wellbeing. Before you start a new wellbeing campaign, it’s important to know what you want to improve.

Common examples include. what-does-employee-wellbeing-mean?

  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Improve staff motivation
  • Increase productivity

Fitness in the workplace can be incredibly helpful for employers. Fit employees are far more motivated, satisfied and productive in the workplace.

An employer can influence the wellbeing of their employees for the better by engaging, motivating and inspiring their people. A fitness-focused wellbeing solution is a great way to improve workplace wellbeing.

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