Wellbeing Tips at Work: Easy Ideas

At Fitlink we know how important exercise is; movement is medicine! Just 10 minutes can make a difference to your employees health and the success of your business. Here are some of the best wellbeing tips at work. We guarantee that 10 minutes over time can make a huge difference to your workplace. 

Take 10 Minute Walking Breaks 

One of the biggest obstacles to exercise is the lack of time, but the truth is that we don’t need much time at all. 10 minute walking breaks are accessible to almost everyone. Brain function, productivity and energy levels are all increased by the simple act of walking and negative things like stress, depression and anxiety are all decreased. Put on your walking shoes and give it a go. Inspire your employees by promoting regular walking breaks throughout the day. 

Drink More Water

To get your employees healthy promote the importance of hydration throughout the day. When we’re thirsty it’s actually too late because that means we’re already dehydrated. Get your employees to recognise the importance of drinking enough water regularly. A great goal is to get up and move every hour and refill the water bottle in the office. 

Go Outside

One of the best wellbeing tips at work is to get outside. Similar to 10 minute walking breaks, getting outside and getting moving is a great way to increase workplace wellness. Taking the workout outdoors is more challenging and more fun. The environment is always changing and you’ll be getting fresh air and vitamin D  to power you for the rest of the day. Employees mood, brain function and fitness will increase as a result. 

Fitlink is a unique platform to help your people succeed – in business and in life. Our main products – Learn, Inspire and Thrive will help your employees love where they work. If you’re interested in a quick, no obligation call then please contact us to learn more. Healthy skin, brain health and more energy are all good reasons to drink more water regularly.