The Core Team

We’re a fit, healthy and happy bunch of people who are genuinely
passionate about making the world a fitter, healthier and happier place.


Paul Gosnell

Founder & CEO

Paul loves technology and fitness so combined the two to create Fitlink which he is very passionate about. He's motivated to get 1 million people fit, healthy and happy. He loves to run at sunrise, enjoys a 95% plant-based diet and loves the odd Brewdog!


Oliver Levey

Head of Sales

Oliver has a wealth of knowledge and expertise from within the Workplace Wellness space and will help us get more businesses fit, healthy and happy. He is a big fan of out of the box endurance events (such as stair racing, colour runs and tough mudders) and is continuously looking for the next quirky challenge!


Kirsty Hogben

Head of Communications

Kirsty manages our communication ensuring everyone knows how effective Fitlink can be within your workplace. Kirsty ran the London Marathon this year and is now training for an Ultra Marathon!


Iain Mullan

Head of Technology

API's, servers, databases, websites and apps, Iain is a man of many talents and keeps everything running! He's also a runner(!) and cyclist and is always training for the Hackney Half.