Solving Car Parking Problems

Leaving the car at home means it’s not clogging up the roads and car parks at work. This knock-on effect of getting healthy on the Man & woman running image.way to work is also solving congestion and car parking problems at work.

No More Car Parking Stress!

It’s so much more convenient. Bikes are also smaller than cars. You can park 6 or 7 bikes in one parking space. As such bike parking facilities require less space. For instance, they can even be set up in places where a car park isn’t possible.

You Get Healthy

You’ll get the office healthy and fighting fit! You’ll come into work with more energy and be fully focused for your day ahead. Not just that! One of the worst troubles for an employer is employee engagement. Exercise can improve engagement. Active travel will improve brain power and transform underperforming, demotivated and stressed staff into successful staff.

You Save Money

Saving money It’s so much more cheaper to cycle or to walk, or even to cycle-commute (part train, part cycle) than to drive to work.

You Save The Planet

Using your wearable device and the Fitlink app you’ll have real data on how you’re actually being part of the change you want to see in the world. You’ll feel great as you pass the morning traffic. You’ll listen to the birds, instead of being stuck behind a red light.  You and your staff leave the car at home you will CO2 emissions dramatically. With no need for a car parking space, they’ll be less congestion, less pollution and a much better feeling at your workplace. If you’ve got Fitlink for business you can create your very own leagues and compete to earn rewards. Create a league for those to leave the car at home, and watch them shoot up the leaderboard to get the most active minutes. But most of all, perhaps the reward in itself is saving the planet.

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