Saving The Planet

Travel and transport are significant contributors to air pollution and transport accounts for around a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. Choosing to travel by foot or bike means leaving the car at home so no CO2 emissions being produced for that journey.

In 2018, the average new car in the UK emitted 124.5g of CO2 per kilometre, up 2.9 per cent over the 2017 figure of 121.04 g CO2/km. Source.

Using this data we can say that a 10km journey (an average commute to work) would produce 1.2kg of CO2 (10km x 124.5g = 1,245g) and twice a day equals 2.4kg, five days a week is 12kg, every month is 48kg and every year is a total of 576kg or just over half a tonne of CO2 produced for an average commute to work.

Now imagine a company that employees thousands of staff all commuting into work, the CO2 that’s being produced as a business is staggering, but there is good news because as a business, you can do something about this.

Convincing your staff to active travel into work would mean they leave their cars at home. Plus get a healthy dose of activity into their lives. If a large corporation could get one thousand employees to actively commute to work then that’s the equivalent of 500 tonnes of CO2 NOT being pumped into the atmosphere.

To give you a comparable, an average house produces approx. 2.64 tonnes of CO2 to heat it each year so a thousand active employees could equal a 190 houses worth of CO2 that your company could be saving each year.

So if you are the owner of a bicycle, one personal climate solution is right there in front of you!