Saving Money

Walking, running or cycling can be a quicker, lower cost alternative to the car for many trips, as well as being an easy and accessible way of being more physically active.

Man standing on graph.

C02 Savings

Guess how much it costs the average worker to get to the office?

You’ll save lives

Employee burnout, workplace stress, it’s literally killing millions. How do you stop it? Focus on health first, and wealth comes as a result. You’ll be saving money on health care costs and sick days, and you’ll be helping people, people who make the business what it is, healthier and happier in their professional and personal life too.

You get more productive staff

This makes you money, but it also saves you. Less sick days, less health costs. Did you know that unhealthy staff are causing the average business, your business…. a yer. More engaged staff make … That’s a huge saving, all just from one simple solution. Filtink for business is extremely cost effective and such a simple solution using great tech, it will get you managing your staff with the use of an incurable app, all personalised to meet your exact wants and needs.

Your business will make more profits

You’ll be running a business that lives up to its potential because your staff will be living the best lives they can. Imagine your competitors when you start producing so much more than thier business. It’s because of one little secret: healthy, happy and fit employees.