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Fitlink is a unique platform to help your occupants succeed with
their wellbeing objectives. Our main products- Learn, Inspire
and Thrive meet the Fitwel categories to help your
occupants be fit, healthy and happy.

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Clever Tech That
Activates Your Building

A simple, integration platform that connects your occupant's health apps to a building-specific wellbeing portal. This customisable portal is easy to set up, easy to customise and puts your occupant's wellbeing at your fingertips. Impress your occupants, attract occupants and integrate a fitness community with all your building amenities without any capital outlay!

Fitlink complies with leading healthy building certifications. To achieve your certification goals, activate Fitlink and see below how we meet the statement points required.

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Activate Your Community

Fitlink’s winning tech rewards people for getting active. Exercise anywhere, anytime! Use Fitlink to integrate exercise into the buildings gym, / provided classes or to and from the building. Fitlink Activates your building and your entire community.

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Less Sickness,
More Productivity

A healthy building equals healthy occupants. Fitlink helps your occupants get more active, fit and healthy. They’ll be more productive at work, take less time off and more importantly, enjoy being within the building. Fit and healthy occupants will provide an enjoyable experience within the building

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Support Vulnerable Populations

Fitlink is a global community that connects people together with a common cause. Our simple platform allows occupants to also integrate with their friends and families to encourage healthy habits beyond the building. We believe that everyone should have access to health-promoting activities- we combat social problems in the most vulnerable. Our world-class products get neighbours, co-workers and friends bonding. Our Fitlink leagues build active communities which allow users to interact with one another to create a truly social active community.

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A Feeling Of Wellbeing

Wellbeing works with Fitlink. Track activity, sleep, drinking water and mindfulness. The four things combined create our wellbeing pillars that are the foundation of Fitlink. Each one is vital, and the combination of all four creates the ultimate wellness profile. We’ve found that the simple act of tracking something makes you more likely to meet your health needs.

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Make Healthy Choices

One of the key components to Fitlink are the rewards. Meaningful incentives motivate users to start being active, but more importantly, to continue these activities. Fitlink is always after health conscious reward partners. Things like a discount on healthy food options at local outlets are the perfect way to reward them. It’s a win-win solution- create a healthy eco-system of healthy people who get rewarded for being active.

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Promote Physical Activity

Activate your building to get active! It’s core of what Fitlink is. We get occupants fit, promote physical activity in your building, and incorporate opportunities for movement into everyday life. From active travel to taking the stairs- Fitlink expands the use of indoor fitness areas. Our unbeatable platform gamify’s an active lifestyle because we believe it should be addictive and rewarding. We follow the NHS guidelines for weekly active minutes- and also track step goals too.

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WELL v2™ Certificate

The WELL v2™ pilot is the next version of the pioneering WELL Building Standard™, the first rating system to focus exclusively on the impacts of buildings on human health and wellness.

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Fitwel v2.1 Certificate

v2.1 advances the Fitwel vision where every building and community is optimized for health.

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Fit, Healthy And Happy

Fit People.
Healthy Buildings.
Happy Business.

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