Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness refers to the health and wellbeing of your staff. It matters. But there’s a huge problem. Over 50% of the UK workforce will have a chronic disease by 2030. We’ve got shocking mental health stats too. Each year, 15 million working days are lost due to stress, depression & anxiety. And it’s all predicted to get worse.

This is for the average business; but if you’re a great employer with a great business you’ll already see the value in investing in employee wellness.

An incredible 96% of employers recognise a direct link between employee health and performance, and it’s the ones doing something about it that won’t be in these shocking stats of the future. If you invest in employee wellness, you’ll have fit, healthy and productive staff and a profitable business. Utilising Fitlink’s clever tech is a great solution and a fun way to get employees happy and healthy.

Using Wearables Improves Employee Wellness

The use of wearable devices along with a wellness program has the potential to unlock a new world of work for employers and employees. They give key info to understand and manage your staff and increase employee engagement. You’ve got to take care of your employees first, so they can take care of your business.

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