Employee Engagement

The number 1 concern that employers have is employee engagement. A healthy employee is a happier, more productive one. And this in turn means it’s a more productive business. Companies with engaged employees are over 20% more profitable than their competitors. But according to a Gallup report only 15% if employees are engaged worldwide.

Why Wearables?

Wearable technology is a constant reminder to have our personal wellness in mind. An incredible 75% of wearable users say that it helps them engage with their own health. So many employers are thinking about using wearables to increase their own employee engagement so it’s the best time to utilise this great and growing piece of tech. It’s one that’s continuing to rise.

Why Wellness?

The big driver behind employee engagement is of course health and wellbeing. Despite the popularity of wellness programs in the workplace, they often fail to deliver in the long term. This is because organisations aren’t seeing the big picture of employee wellness- they’re only focusing on a few aspects. They’re also not unitising a great and growing tool.

Improve your Employee Engagement

Fitlink is like a power up of all the tools you already have. This makes it a powerful one. Over 52 per cent of people in the UK are already tracking their activities. Fitlink is a global health and fitness club that connects it all together.

We provide businesses with a bespoke fitness and health tracking platform personalised just for what you need, helping staff get fit and stay fit. Most of all, it’s clever technology that fits into your lifestyle already. You don’t need to fit around it, it will link into your lifestyle already. Also you’ll never run out of ideas. You’ll be in our knowledge portal so we’ll always be there to support you.