Corporate Wellness

By 2021, 90% of all corporate wellness programs will include a fitness tracker. Our team at Fitlink are getting people all around the world fit, healthy and happy using clever tech. Here’s why wearables are creating the future of the workplace.

A well designed corporate wellness program brings a lot to a workplace:

  • Less sick days 
  • Better health 
  • Productivity 
  • More profits

Productive and Profitable

You want a a business that is productive and profitable. You’re goal-driven and productive. Yet without health, you’re nothing.  A corporate wellness program is an investment in the health of your company and it only makes sense that employers utilise and encourage wellness for their employees.

Healthy and Successful

You want successful staff not stressed staff. Burnout has risen and health has gone down. More and more are turning to self-care techniques. Yet more needs to be done in the workplace. People want to take care of themselves, each other and the planet.

Why Fitlink for Business?

There’s been a 37 percent growth in the percentage of employers who offered wearable technology as part of employee wellness initiatives.

Wearable based wellness programs keep preventable chronic diseases including diabetes and cancer in check. You are able to monitor health with the data you get from these devices. You’ll prevent unneeded diseases and unnecessary burden of disease to health and productivity. A healthy employee is more productive than an unhealthy one and wearables can make a big change.

By connecting employees together, you’ll be able to create healthy fitness challenges, helping each other achieve a common goal. This will make a more inclusive workplace. You’ll bring staff together. You’ll create more engagement too. Challenges can be personalised to your goals- team-based, inter-departmental, CEO-led… This creates a culture of wellness and boosts productivity. Rewards make up a huge part in making the program a success, and thats why Fitlink uses rewards to incentivise employees. We’ll guide you all the way with support through the Knowledge Portal, we’ll give you consistent inspiration from challenges to rewards.

Wearable technology in the workplace is a step in the right direction for corporate wellness programs. Health will literally be in the hands of you and your employees.

It’s like your company’s very own personal trainer, leading the way to success, and always there when you need them.

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