Active Travel

Active travel means making journeys by physically active means. Anything that makes a journey through our own human efforts. Walking and cycling may come to mind, but so does skateboarding or scootering.

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Car Parking

Leaving the car at home means it’s not clogging up the roads and car parks at work. The knock-on effect of getting healthy on the way to work is also solving congestion and car parking problems at your workplace.

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Corporate Wellness

You want a business that is productive and profitable yet without health, you’re nothing. A corporate wellness program is an investment in the health of your company so improving your employees wellness is key.

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Cycle To Work Scheme

The cycle to work scheme helps staff get fit, healthy and productive which makes more profit. They will avoid the stress of getting stuck in traffic and it fits into the daily routine easily.

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Employee Engagement

A healthy employee is a happier, more productive one. Companies with engaged employees are over 20% more profitable than their competitors. Wearable technology is a constant reminder to have our personal wellness in mind.

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Employee Wellness

You want successful staff not stressed staff. Burnout has risen and health has gone down. More and more are turning to self-care techniques. Yet more needs to be done in the workplace.

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Saving Money

Walking, running or cycling can be a quicker, lower cost alternative to the car for many trips, as well as being an easy and accessible way of being more physically active.

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Saving The Planet

Choosing to travel by foot or bike means leaving the car at home so no CO2 emissions being produced for that journey so leave the car, walk or cycle to work and help save the planet!

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Workplace Wellness

Healthy, balanced people bring energy and focus to what they do. And connected people feel a sense of purpose. We believe in creating a fit and healthy workplace wellness culture where happy staff thrive.

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