Bespoke, Relevant and
Valuable to Your People

In our experience, earning, unlocking and claiming a reward has
far more meaning than handing out perks with no real value.

Great rewards would be yoga classes, smoothie, lunch, 1-hour off work
a week in the Bahamas! There are no limits to the rewards you can add.

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Get Things You Love, For
Doing The Things You Love

Users can unlock and redeem a handpicked selection of amazing health and fitness-related rewards. We negotiate exclusive discounts and offers from our reward partners to give you better discounts, promotions, and more.

As well as access to our rewards we will add to your platform, you can add your own. You have full control over the rewards via your dashboard. You know your people well so you know what rewards will work best.

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Rewards That Are Valuable To You

We work with you to understand what a valuable reward looks like. Every company is unique
and so is how you reward your employees. Get rewards that are effective and worthwhile.

These are some of our reward partners

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