Simple. Social. Fun.

Want to use an app for meditation, a watch for running, an HR monitor
for cycling, a band for swimming or an app for yoga? No problem,
we combine all of these trackers into one single feed.

Plus, all activities tracked will earn points that rank you in leagues
you are a member of plus will unlock some amazing rewards.
Get Connected. Get Active. Get Rewarded.

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Everything You Want
To See, In One Place

Connect multiple activity trackers and wearables and see all of your activities in one single feed. Your water intake, sleep and mindfulness sessions will also be displayed in this feed.

More Detail When You Need It

Tap into any single activity to view more stats. You can see pace, time, calories burnt and distance, as well as how many points you have earned from that activity.

A Dose Of Healthy Competition

Create and join leagues to compete with your friends. Leagues that you create are private and invite-only. Perfect for small groups and clubs. There are also public leagues that anyone can join.

Think Air Miles For Fitness

Activities tracked are converted into points. Earn enough points and you can unlock some exciting redeemable rewards. Rewards range in value from 50 to 500 points.

You’ve Earned It

When a reward is unlocked, you can claim it with your earned points. Once claimed, it will be sent to your email to redeem in store or online.

It's Clever Tech

Fitlink works because it connects to activity trackers and wearables that people are already using. Easy to set up. Easy to use.

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Perks Fit For A V.I.P

We partner with leading sports, health and fitness brands to create worthwhile rewards that are exclusive to our members.

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Everybody Loves An Action Selfie

Just completed an epic run? Capture it. Upload your image to see it with all of your important stats added, ready to share.


Supported Trackers

We support all leading activity trackers, wearables and devices.
Simply connect your tracker to Fitlink. That’s it. No setup needed.

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