Connect And Earn

Connect an activity tracker to Fitlink and start earning points.
Each time an activity is tracked, the data is converted into
points that rank users in leagues plus unlock rewards.

After just a few tracked activities employees will begin to
see their points rack up. And its those points that make
Fitlink and your employee wellbeing strategy so successful.

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All The Trackers

Fitlink will connect to Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Strava, RunKeeper and many more, then when the next activity is tracked, we'll grab the data and convert it into points. Those points are then used for employees to compete in leagues, but best of all, they unlock amazing rewards.

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All The Activities

You earn points for doing the activities you love like running, cycling, walking, swimming, rowing, hiking, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, HIIT, CrossFit, yoga and more. Whatever you love to do, we think you'll love it even more on Fitlink. We also support the tracking of mindfulness, water and sleep but you won't earn points for those (yet!).

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Supported Trackers

We support all leading activity trackers, wearables and devices.
Simply connect your tracker to Fitlink. That’s it. No setup needed.

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