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Where People Shine

People are everything. And the right ones are worth keeping.

Engage, motivate and inspire your people to achieve amazing
life and business results with our fitness-focused wellness
tools - Learn, Inspire, Thrive, Love and Boost.

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Your Dashboard - analytics that drives results.

View all the stats and reports via your own secure dashboard area. Here you can set up and manage the apps, leagues and rewards. You can create regular reports that will show you exactly how fit, healthy and motivated your group is.

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Your Website - a bespoke website that works for you.

Get your own bespoke and branded website with content that you can edit and manage. The site is used as a tool to communicate with your people, to showcase the rewards and benefits, and it's an activation point for new joiners.

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Your Mobile Apps - simple, social and fun.

Get iOS and Android apps that people will actually use. Because it's fun. Build leagues, set challenges, create competition with gamification, unlock amazing perks and rewards, and more.

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Your Rewards - let people know they’re doing a great job.

Appreciation energises people. Fitlink’s fitness-focused app allows people to track their activities, earning them rewards that make them feel great.

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Knowledge Base - all the support you need.

The Fitlink knowledge base will provide all the tools, support and information you need to make the campaign a huge success. We all need a little boost in the right direction sometimes and thats what we're here to do.

Product FAQs

Can I a get a demo?

Absolutely, just use the ‘Request a Demo’ button below, complete the form and we’ll reply to set up a demo at your convenience. Don’t like forms then you can email us too.

Is there software to install?

No, because Fitlink connects to the health apps and wearables people are already using. Your dashboard and website are hosted by us.

Can I trial this at my company?

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial for you to fully test the apps, dashboard and website. If you don’t feel its right for you after 30 days then no problem.

How quickly can we launch this?

Very quickly and within 2-weeks we can have you set up and then it’s over to you to officially launch the campaign.

Can I use my own rewards?

Yes and thats one of the key features of the dashboard, that you can add and manage your own rewards along with the rewards we load for you.

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