Mental Health Secrets: 4 Steps

This week marks  Mental Health Awareness Week. Here are some ways to get your staff happy and healthy at work and in life.

mental health


We know that exercise is good for us and it’s good for our minds. 41% of adults aged 40- 60 don’t even do 10 minutes of brisk walking a day. This is a shocking stat. Active travel is a great way to get in those active minutes.  You’ll be getting fit as you get to work, and it’s a proven way to have better mental wellbeing compared with those who travelled by car.

67% of employees feel employers could do more to encourage active commuting. We know that active travel works. We know it can solve mental health issues.

How could you do more to encourage active travel?

Fitting in a 10 minute walk, run or cycle or anything that builds those active minutes can have a huge impact on employee engagement. You’re killing two birds with one stone.

Encourage employees to get on their bike or walk to work. Not only will they have less stress, they will also get a boost of happy, feel good hormones before their working day begins.

In your workplace:

  • Install cycle racks, a shower, changing room and lockers.
  • Also get an indoor gym or discounted gym membership to one nearby. Get them fit even if the weather is bad.