How to Save the Planet

As a Fitlink for Business customer, you won’t just burn fat, you’ll also save the planet.


Half of all urban trips worldwide are less than 6 miles.

Yet nearly all trips can be done by active means! 

A report found that we can actually save trillions across the world, just by getting on our bikes! You’ll be saving money, and you’ll be doing a lot of good for your business!

With the cycle to work scheme being increased from £1k to £2.5k and now including e bikes- the opportunity is huge. 

A recent study found that pollution impairs the cognitive function in kids and adults. You wouldn’t feed them poisonous food, so don’t let them breath poisoned air.  Less car trips. Reduced car households. A cleaner better future for our workplaces, and our kids future. That’s the way forward.


Walk, Bike, Run?

Fitlink is a company that cares about our planet. We use clever tech to calculate how much C02 your company saves by getting fit and active. 

Fitlink is a cost-effective solution to lower diesel and petrol consumption and there’s a huge ROI for your business. 

Learn is one of our 6 world-class products. It’s your own private dashboard area. Here you’ll see a CO2 savings number showing what your company saved in CO2 by not using their car when travelling to work.

We take all your activities that are tracked and then run them through a simple formula.

According to the RAC foundation  an average new car will produce 121 g of CO2 per Km in 2019. If this journey was made by bike or walked, it would produce a tiny fraction of what it costs in a car.

According to Fitlink’s calculations if you convinced 1000 employees to cycle to work then that would be 500 tonnes of CO2 reduced in one year!

And that’s about 75 times as heavy as an Elephant!

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