How to Reduce Stress

Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century

Today is National Stress Awareness Day. 

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed- it’s a normal part of life. But becoming overwhelmed by it can lead to mental health problems down the line. Stress is constantly reported as very high in the workplace. Employers know how important reducing stress is, and it’s up to them to make sure their workplace wellness programmes are holistic in all areas of health- both mind and body.

Stress is “The health epidemic of the 21st century” according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 

Exercise can lower stress

Exercise reduces stress and any aerobic activity can stimulate anti-anxiety effects. Fitness is the focus of Fitlink’s workplace wellness solution. Here are just some of the reasons to use exercise in your workplace: 

Exercise can also build connection.

63% of people who have at least one person at work they can talk to are 40% less stressed than those who don’t have anyone. Building community is an integral part of Fitlink’s mission. We get you building healthy habits together, which in turn creates a healthy workplace culture and makes it a place that employees love.

Fitlink’s fitness focused tools inspire your people to get fit. Getting out there and getting in those Fitlink point’s can really help.

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