How to Live to 100

Workplace Wellness Inspired by the Blue Zones

The blue zones are where people live much longer than average – often 100 years or more. At Fitlink we want you to live longer and live better! We noticed how similar a successful workplace wellness programme can be to some of the habits of the happiest and healthiest communities in the world! We took some inspiration. We also use these principles in our 6-world class products!

Love Your Employees. Love Your Business.


They Ride their Bike to Work

They don’t workout. Some of us have an all-or-nothing approach where we set high goals then fail miserably. Instead they set up their lives so they are constantly nudged into physical activity. It’s not uncommon to see 100 year olds riding their bikes. One thing you’ll notice is that the blue zones get a lot of active minutes in- if the blue zones were using Fitlink they’d have hundreds of rewards. That’s why Fitlink promotes active travel, or any activity that can fit into your lifestyle already. We know it works!

They Have Community

In Okinawa- one of the blue zones- there’s no word for retirement. Instead they use Ikigai- it translates as ‘the reason you wake up in the morning.’ They prioritise connection with friends, family and colleagues. Fitlink for Business uses leagues and healthy competition as a way to build connection and we want you, our users, to build community in both work and life.


They Relax

They take downtime. The Sardinians and Seventh Day Adventists pray. This prevents the inflammatory response that is so common in stressed populations. This week (Nov 6)  is stress awareness day. If you want a tech- based approach then Fitlink connects meditation apps like Calm and Headspace to the Fitlink app- so you and your employees can stress less and relax more.

They Eat Less

The Okinawans stop when they feel 80% full. Did you know it takes 20 minutes for that ‘full feeling’ to travel to the brain? Popular diet and food apps connect to the Fitlink app easily so you can to track your calories and lose weight, and keep it off.

Only about 10% of how long a person lives is dictated by their genes. The other 90% is dictated by their lifestyle- now go out there and start earning some Fitlink points for yourself and your employees!

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