How to Improve Employee Wellbeing

To build a strong business employers must focus on employee wellbeing. Make your company stronger by making wellbeing at work a top priority. Healthy employees are engaged, productive and motivated. improve-employee-wellbeing

Here are 5 ways to improve employee wellbeing:

1. Help Employees Practice Mindfulness with Calm

The practice of mindfulness has so many positive impacts such as overall wellbeing, reduced stress and better focus. Help your employees get calm by encouraging mindfulness in your workplace.

2. Set a Walk it Out Challenge with Fitlink

Fitness challenges are so effective and are sure to improve employee wellbeing. Set a step challenge that will involve all your employees and get them motivated. There will be guaranteed fun and friendly competition. You’ll inspire your team to push themsevles further than they ever thought they could on their own.

3. Walking Meetings

Another great way to improve employee wellbeing is by getting your team to take their next meeting on foot. Active meetings are a great way to add active minutes to your team’s schedule and they’re also proven to help productivity.

4. Standing Desks

We’ve heard that sitting is the new smoking. To boost wellbeing at work try standing desks. Using a standing desk or, better, an active workstation can really help offset the negative impacts associated with sedentary jobs. 

5. Flexible Work Hours

Employee wellbeing isn’t just about physical health but instead about one’s overall quality of life. Flexible working hours are a signal to your employees that you trust them. It allows them to set their own schedules as long as they hit deadlines and deliver results. If they feel more like parters than corporate drones they’ll work a lot harder for you.

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