Get Your Employees Fit

Tip 90 of Fitlink Tips is to get others involved. Actively promote physical activity in your workplace. Get your colleagues and employees moving today! Exercise is a simple solution to so many problems. Get in those active minutes with the Fitlink app, and our other world-class tools, and transform your workplace. Here’s how:

1. Lunchtime Walk

Does your workplace have a lunchtime walking or exercise group? Maybe it’s time to start one. It’s a great way to get your employees fit! Use the Fitlink dashboard to keep track of it.

2. Active Workstations

Can your business invest in active workstations? This is a great way to improve the health of your people, so they can stay active whilst they work.

3.  Shift Meetings Outdoors

An active meeting, especially taken outside will boost endorphins, focus and overall productivity. Your team will generate better ideas, do moreexercise and get a better view.

4. Encourage Active Travel

If your employees can bike or walk (or even run) to work, this can be an excellent way to get more active minutes during the day.

5. Track Physical Activity

There’s a reason why everyone is using a wearable device!Use clever tech to track and monitor progress and encourage employees to set fitness goals.

Fitlink is a unique platform to help your people succeed – in business and in life. Our main products – Learn, Inspire and Thrive will help your employees love where they work. If you’re interested in a quick, no obligation call then please contact us to learn more.