Fun Wellness Activities at Work

Here are some fun wellness activities at work. Try them at your workplace:

Ten Minute Stair Workout

Get employees together. Warm up and get the blood flowing in the legs by climbing the stairs slowly at first. Keep your core engaged as you climb at walking pace. Do this for 1 minute. Now for 5 minutes run up the stairs then walk down. On the descent put most of your weight on your heels so that you avoid impact to your knees. Each minute rest for 30 seconds. Then to cool down walk slowly again for 1 minute.

Active Travel

Promoting active travel in your workplace is a fun and exciting way to engage employees in being more physically active. It can also be a foundation for creating long term behaviour change. Physical inactivity is a huge issue in the workforce and especially in those who work in sedentart roles. More physical activity will lower the risk of preventable diseases, especially ones that related to obesity.

Stretch it Up

Stretching every day will help your employees recognise the importance of standing up and getting the blood flowing every hour, especially if they’re in a sedentary role. Here’s a great stretching routine that you can try in the office.

Studies show that regular stretching can increase posture, reduce neck and shoulder pain, reduce stress and increase relaxation both in mind and body. It has also been show that regular stretching increases productivity at the office.

Use Fitlink

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