Employee Wellbeing Strategy: Top Tips

When building a successful employee wellbeing strategy, often it’s the most simple things that work. Implement these simple ideas for a successful strategy in your own workplace:

1. Active Workstations 

Do you want healthier, more productive employees? If you do then start using walking meetings in your workplace now! Not only will meetings be more productive and fun, you’ll also make better communication and develop better team spirit. You can track the fitness and activity of your employees using the Fitlink app and the Fitlink dashboard. 

2. Taking the stairs

Getting your employees to take the stairs is such a simple idea, but it really works! If your workplace building has a set of stairs, get your employees moving with an early morning workout or lunchtime session. Take a look at our stair workout for inspiration here. 

3. Active Breaks

Physical activity needs ro be part of your employee wellbeing strategy. Getting up and being active for 10 minutes is one of the best ways to get your employees fit and healthy. Get your employees to set a timer every hour to take a 5 to 10 minute walking break. Get them up to fill the water bottle or try walking meetings which have been proven to increase productivity and focus.  Active breaks will offset the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle and give your employees more energy throughout the day. You’ll be boosting employee wellbeing and business profit at the same time. 

A successful Employee Wellbeing Strategy can make your employees perform better and make your business thrive.

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