Employee Wellbeing Initiatives

Here are some great employee wellbeing initiatives that you can use in your workplace today. 

1. Active Workstations

Use under-the-desk ellipticals, standing desks, treadmill desks and even bicycle desks. They’ve also been proven to boost the productivity of your workplace. Workplace active workstations are becoming much more popular. It’s a way to get fit while you work and a great way to boost your workplace wellness!

2. Lunchtime Clubs

Walk, run, yoga? These are great ways to get your team to bond with each other over a likeminded activity. Organise team building lunches and they’ll break up the normal rhythm of employees’ working day and can be a really refreshing way to boost energy and enthusiasm for the rest of the working day. 

3. Active Breaks 

Promote taking active breaks throughout the day, even if staff are working from home. By making this the norm in your workplace, you will inspire your staff to keep fit whilst promoting productivity increases for your business. Promote the importance of active minutes and walking breaks throughout the working day. These are all proven to boost energy and productivity levels. 

4. Healthy Lunches

This is one of the best employee wellbeing initiatives- promote the importance of diet in your workplace. Encourage a feeling of positivity around eating healthy food. You can try to shake off the food culture of refined snacks by providing some healthier snacks too. Fruits, vegetables and smoothies are all simple but effective ideas. One idea is to use Fitlink to reward your most active staff with healthy food. 

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