A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Your Workplace Fit

Fitlink for Business is a unique platform to help your people succeed – in business and in life. At Fitlink we know how important fitness is and we want to get you up and moving throughout the day! Get active. Get connected. Get rewarded. Just get out there and get fit. It really should be simple.


NHS guidelines say we need 150 minutes of exercise a week- yet a quarter of adults are classed as inactive. Put fitness first, and you’ll reap the rewards- in business and in life.

1. Clear Space for Getting Fit.

Starting anything new can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to bringing fitness to your workplace. But when you can create and control a customisable workplace wellness solution that makes you succeed rather than something you feel pressured to do, it will seem less daunting. You’ll be far more likely to stay committed. Committing to a workplace wellness program, that provides results and success, makes it easier. You’ll be taking on a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. Clear space for getting fit and you’ll have more productive people.

2. Shorter Activities = More Active Minutes 

Nothing feels worse than making a huge promise then not delivering on it. At Fitlink we suggest you fit in shorter activities more often. The recommended 150 minutes is in reach if you do a little at a time. Moderate to vigorous exercise can be anything from walking at lunch, cycling to work or doing a 10 minute HIIT session. Do a little bit and it will build up. Exercise consistency is key to building a fitness habit. Less can be more, and it doesn’t take much time. 

That’s why we include active minutes in our Fitlink app. It’s just one of 6 world-class products made exclusively for our valued business customers. Fitlink integrates all your favourite fitness trackers together and lets employees compete with each other in leagues- and earn great rewards.

3. Have Fun 

Just get started. Fitness can be fun. Promote a free trial or new class to your employees. They might find it interesting. You could start a league or challenge such as training for a 10k event. Often people who are able to stay consistent with their fitness have found something they love to do. It could be anything. Get creative. Our app connects all exercise apps together so you’ll be able to monitor what you and your employees are doing from your dashboard area. It will give you insight into trends and find out what your employees love to do. 

4. Community is Key

Get connected! Training alone or feeling isolated in your workout is not nearly as fun as it is when you have someone to share it with. Getting a friend or colleague to join in workouts or engaging with Fitlink’s digital community is a fantastic way to increase your exercise adherence. It won’t just help you keep the habit up, it will be more fun! Get motivated with friends. Fitlink connects you to a global community, and you have the ability to make private groups and leagues too. It’s fun to do things together.

5. Use Rewards that Work

We need some motivation- especially for those in the workplace that aren’t naturally fit and active. Get motivated with rewards. It’s a fact: perks and rewards work. It makes your people feel great. Love is our rewards product- so let people know they’re doing a great job. Appreciation energises people.

Our main products – Learn, Inspire and Thrive will help your employees love where they work. See more HERE