10 Ways to Take 10-minute Breaks

Deep down we know just how important breaks are for the mind and body. At Fitlink we recommend short breaks. These are easy and doable for all. Taking short breaks often, rather than longer ones less often is so much better. For example 10-minute breaks every hour are more effective than 30 minutes every 5 hours.

We live in a world of constant connectivity, where screen time is more popular than time with other human beings. Too much screen time has a negative impact on workers’ health and productivity. If you can find ways to limit it, it could be a huge help for your company. Here are 10 ways to take 10-minute breaks:

10-minute breaks

1. Walk

Just go outside and around the block. You’ll get your blood flowing and your energy levels will rise. Just 10 minutes really does make a huge difference.

2. Yoga Breakfit

Take a break and do some poses. The Yoga Studio app is a great one for quick yoga sessions.

3. Meditation

Take 10-minutes out for some meditation. Use Headspace or Calm which all connect to the Fitlink app.

4. Mindful Walk

Try taking in all that is around you, even if it’s just the office building.  Get into the groove, each step, and use all your senses. If you can, take a walk down a new path. By naturally changing the input of your brain, you’ll think of new things, and come up with new ideas.


It’s amazing how many workouts can be achieved in just 10 minutes, or less! Try the 7 minute workout app for some great workouts.

6. Stretch

At your desk, stand up and do a few stretches. Desk stretches will prevent the office hunch. You might even inspire others to do it.

7. Nap

Or at least a rest…close your eyes and set an alarm for 10-minutes. It might be just what your body needs.

8. Stair Walk

If you’ve got a flight of stairs at your workplace  then this could be the perfect way to get a quick workout in, and build up active minutes.

9. Healthy Snack

Have you eaten your 5 a day? Stayed hydrated? You’ll also get some blood flowing if you get up and fill up your water bottle or grab a healthy snack during the day. Don’t hurry and take the 10-minutes to eat it and re-energise.

10. Walking Meeting

Grab a colleague and go for a walking meeting. This might last longer than 10-minutes. You’ll be getting in those active minutes, building up the Fitlink points and getting some great rewards, all while you work.

Build up those Fitlink points…

When it comes down to work, for employees, breaks are a must. All of these activities can be integrated with Fitlink.

Fitlink is a unique platform to help your people succeed – in business and in life. Our main products – Learn, Inspire and Thrive will help your employees love where they work.

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