10 Reasons to Cycle to Work 

Reasons why you and your staff should join the cycling family.


Woman riding cycling bicycle active travel.

In all the ways to get to work, getting there actively is hands down the best option. There are a thousand reasons why you should cycle. Did you know that those who cycle to work are less stressed, both during the commute and throughout the day? You’ll also be getting the recommended 150 minutes of activity in each week, without even knowing.

Here are just 8 reasons you should get on your bike:

1. Cycling improves mental well-being 

It’s a fact: cycling makes you happy. It boosts your mood through the release of feel-good hormones like adrenalin and endorphins. You’ll also boost your confidence because you’re achieving something new. 

2. You’ll get outside 

You’ll get some fresh air. Cycling combines exercise with exploring the views of the great outdoors. 

3. Cycling will cut both heart disease and cancer

A 2019 study from the University of Glasgow found that cycling to work on a frequent basis cuts heart disease and cancer risk by half. It gets your heart rate rising and your blood pumping. It is recommended by the NHS as one of the healthy ways to cut your risk of chronic disease. 

3. Cycling burns fat

Cycling reduces the risk of being overweight. It burns between 400 and 1000 calories per hour. Aerobic exercise also raises your metabolism so you burn energy a long time after. You’ll also be building muscle which is leaner than fat. People with more muscle burn more calories even when sedentary during the day. 

4. You’re increasing your active minutes. 

Active minutes are an integral part of Fitlink’s app. We calculate your active minutes, which is a huge indicator of how healthy your lifestyle is.

5. Cycling saves time

So many studies show that if you cycle to work, you’ll actually get there quicker. Get on the bike, pass the traffic, lock the bike up, and you’ll beat the car. See how many are jealous in the office, and inspire others to sit in the saddle. You save money and petrol too.

6. Cycling saves the planet 

Short journeys have a massive contribution to global pollution.  If only more of us took the bike for short distances, we could have a massive impact on ourselves and the entire world. Could you ride all the way to work? If not, can you take it on the train, then ride it part of the way? Do what you can and you’ll be playing your part. Fitlink’s dashboard has a clever feature where you can see how much CO2 your team has saved by not using your cars.

7. Boost brain power 

Exercise is linked to brain health. Your cognitive abilities will be higher and so will your productivity. As a result work performance will increase.

8. Grow your social circle 

You’ll inspire your colleagues when you ride to work. Fitlink supports you in creating connection and community through the use the amazing app. Use the great features to set up leagues and challenges so you can get employees bonding and making friends.

At Fitlink, we’re a team of fitness enthusiasts. Our mission is to make you healthy and happy so you can love your business. 

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