10-min Workplace Wellness Stress Busters

Fight off Stress

These stress busters will improve your energy levels, improve focus and get rid off stress. Also they only take 10 minutes!


Set an alarm every hour and stretch. Shrug your shoulders, try to touch your toes and stretch your arms above your head. Stretching every hour will calm the mind and keep the body supple.


Either with your eyes closed or open, inhale through the nose, feeling your chest expand. Then exhale through your mouth. Repeat a few times and get back to work feeling a less stressed and more refreshed.


Eating badly will stress the body. Eliminate the desire to reach for processed food during the workday. Replace food in the office with natural food such as fruit, nuts and other natural alternatives.


Go for a walk. At lunchtime one of the best ways to break up the day and come back to work feeling focused and refreshed is to move your body.


Any form of physical activity can help you de-stess, lift energy and boost your feel good hormones!



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