Love Your Employees.
Love Your Business.

Fitlink is a unique platform to help your people succeed -
in business and in life. Our main products - Learn, Inspire
and Thrive will help your employees love where they work.

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Clever Tech That Already
Fits People’s Lifestyles

It’s do-able. Fitlink works because it connects to activity trackers and wearables that people are already using. Easy to set up. Easy to use. It’s the smart way to build meaningful employee engagement and participation.

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Helping your employees love where they work

Your workplace challenges are unique, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all workplace wellness solution.
We provide a solution that supports your company's objectives, with the tools and know-how to build
something that really changes people’s lives.


Personalised analytics for your team.

Manage everything from your secure dashboard area and know exactly how your staff are feeling.


A branded website that you can manage.

Manage rewards and communicate with your employees through your wellness portal.

app fitness- active minutes


Healthy people in and out of work.

Achieve amazing life and business results with our fitness-focused employee wellness apps.